Locations & IT Facilities

The Faculty of Law is located on twin sites: its headquarters is at the University’s main campus in Shatin; while postgraduate programmes are delivered at the Graduate Law Centre in Hong Kong’s central business district.

Both sites have state of the art teaching facilities providing our students with an ideal learning environment.


The Faculty’s headquarters is based in the Lee Shau Kee Building in Shatin. The teaching facilities include a moot court, a legal resources centre, lecture theatres, classrooms and breakout rooms.

The CUHK Graduate Law Centre

The CUHK Graduate Law Centre is situated on the second floor of the Bank of America Tower in Central where the teaching facilities mirror those provided at the headquarters in Shatin.

In addition to being home to our taught postgraduate students, the Graduate Law Centre also provides an ideal environment for corporate training, executive events, academic seminars and conferences.

Please click here to download information about facilities available for corporate training, executive events, academic seminars and conferences in PDF format.

Teaching Facilities

Foremost among the teaching facilities are the moot courts which provide students with a unique insight into the courtroom environment. There is a moot court at each of our locations and these are specifically designed for advocacy and mooting training.

Each of the moot courts has its own digital conferencing and multimedia broadcasting systems enabling their proceedings to be broadcast to other venues (for example, other lecture theatres or classrooms) and over the internet to individual students. More

Samples of the teaching facilities provided at Shatin and Central:

Moot Court

Our Moot Court is an excellent venue for legal training.

Special Features

  • Interactive dual screen projections
  • Digital conference system
  • Multimedia broadcasting system
  • Video conference system
  • AV link real-time broadcast to other rooms
  • DVD recording system

The lecture theatres provide an excellent learning environment and are equipped with LCD projectors for presentation of course materials as well as video conferencing and recording facilities. More

Lecture Theatres

Our Lecture Theatres provide ideal venues for organizing corporate events, international conferences and executive forums.

Special Features

  • Customized dual screen projections
  • AV link to view real-time broadcast from Moot Court
  • Video conference system
  • DVD recording system

The break out rooms are equipped with interactive plasma screens, projectors and recording facilities enabling teachers to give immediate feedback on assignments and for students to work together to complete assignments or other research projects. More

Classrooms and Breakout Rooms

Our Classrooms and Breakout Rooms are perfect for teaching in small groups and round table discussions.

Special Features

  • Interactive dual screen projections
  • AV link to view real-time broadcast from Moot Court
  • DVD recording system

Each location has its own student common area where students have access to computers, photocopiers and printers as well as the Faculty’s own wi-fi network.

Electronic Learning

The Faculty uses Blackboard as its preferred platform for e-learning in the delivery of its Programmes. Each course within a Programme has its own dedicated Blackboard site through which teachers deliver course materials, broadcast announcements and participate in online class discussions and chatrooms.